Saturday, August 28, 2010

Moving On With Life

McKenzie took a year away from the books.  Seems that California colleges were imploding and scholarships were being stripped from people who had been awarded them. So it's just as well she didn't end up at Stanford or Caltech.

After a stint in retail, she qualified for a job at BMW, building cars. That ain't easy; the testing (mental, physical, and medical) is rigorous. She has decided she does NOT like nerve conduction studies!

A couple months on the production line is good for focusing your mind on exactly why you want to go to grad school. After retaking the GRE (and banging the score out the roof, this time) and interviewing with a Georgia Tech prof who happens to be doing research right in the sweet spot of where McK wants to concentrate, she applied to and was accepted at Georgia Tech for studies leading to the PhD in Chemical & Biological Engineering.
Well, off she goes here to start her new life as a teaching assistant.
Mom and Dad go back to having ONE boomerang kid :)