Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rice is Nice!

McKenzie doesn't give her poor parents much to work with, regarding her life a thousand miles away! So, we'll just consider this a stub blog, which she can flesh out, when she finds time and/or motivation.

What we can show are some pictures from last year. McKenzie joined the Marching Owl Band (MOB) as a Show Assistant. This meant that she built props and acted in the halftime shows at home football games. It also meant she got to wear a cool fedora!

Life as a MOBster has made her one dangerous lady! Why, only this autumn she and the crew (her crew now, as she moved up to co-Producer) constructed a working trebuchet!

Those who knew McKenzie before the MOB knew she had a fascination for sharp, pointy objects. College hasn't stopped that!

On occasion, she can show a more demure side. Of course, even then, it must be done with McKenzie-style. Here she is, off to a renaissance festival with a couple of her MOB pals. OF COURSE they had to go in garb!

From all the costumes, you'd be forgiven if you didn't realize that McKenzie is a focused, intense student who wants to get her doctorate in bioengineering and teach at the university level. So here we serve up a somewhat ordinary look at McKenzie in her day-to-day student apparel.